Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Spine Poetry 2015 Part 3

The last of the videos from our fourth grade poets:


Pecos Bill

Throne of Fire

This isn't what it looks like


The black pearl

Arthur writes a story


World War I

Under Wildwood (by Mrs. Lewis)

The Nobodies (by Mrs. Lewis)

We hope you enjoyed our poems! If you want to make your own, it's easy! First grab 4-5 books and line up the spines to make the lines in a poem. Then download the tellagami app and create your avatar. Finally, take a picture of your books and record yourself reading the titles as a poem. Then share it with a teacher or a parent or a friend!

Spine Poetry 2015 Part 2

More Spine Poetry videos:

Most Wanted

The Lost Hero


Old Willis Place

The Son of Neptune


The Magic Half

Something Big Has Been Here

Dying to Meet You

Spine Poetry 2015

As Poetry Month came to an end and testing season closed, Mrs. Morphey and I let her fourth graders once again produce Tellagami Spine Poetry videos. First we watched last year's videos to learn what to do and what NOT to do when making their poems. Once again I was very impressed with how unique each poem was and how creative they are with the book titles.
Here are their creations (in no particular order):

Kelsey Green, Reading Queen


Flying Beaver Brothers

Frightful's Mountain

One Spooky Night


On the Run