Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Ambassadors Assemble!

About a month ago, one of my book vendor reps, J'aimie Quick, asked me and a few other SBISD librarians to help pilot a Book Ambassador program. After watching a video from Andy Plemmons, I quickly said YES!

I surveyed my teachers for worthy candidates and met with my team of ten, 4 third graders and 6 fourth graders, to discuss their responsibilities. We worked on a school library survey to get input from all the grade levels. Their first task is to choose books from Capstone to spend my Bonus Rewards. Then next year they can choose to stay on the team and help use some of our library budget money to purchase books to fill gaps in our Fiction and Everybody sections. These kids were super excited, and gave up their recess time to help the Kindergarten and First grade students fill out the survey over several weeks.

Today we met to start the book selection process.

First they looked over the survey results to decide what kinds of books students wanted more of for our library. 
Our top categories were:

  1. Graphic Novels and Comics (Superheroes)
  2. Animals
  3. Drawing (and origami)
  4. Scary (and zombies)
  5. Fairy Tales
  6. Sports
Then they got to look through some sample titles from Capstone. (We had a couple of third graders visiting the library before the team arrived who migrated to the tables to take a look as well. Let's just say the superhero books were quite popular!)

 Then they each sat with several books from a category to decide if the book would be a good fit.
Before they left our session, they each had to pick a book they felt was a "MUST HAVE" book from the table. Here are a few of their opinions:

Then they got to look at all Capstone has to offer in their catalog! So many books were circled and pages marked! Each student was tasked with picking 10-12 books that matched our categories from the survey. I can't wait until our meeting next week when we start to build our ordering list!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Toddler Story Time: Feelings

Sometimes we feel happy. Sometimes we feel sad. Sometimes we feel scared. Sometimes we feel mad. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly how you feel. Which is what Grover and Dave Mathews sing about in this Sesame Street video:

Lots of people use colors to express how they are feeling, like the characters in the new Pixar movie, "Inside Out":

 My blue is happy  The same is true for the main character in our first book (a Texas 2x2 book) My Blue is Happy by Jessica Young.

Mix it up!Sometimes colors just make you feel better, like in Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet.

Crabby pants  Sometimes you just feel cranky! Crabby Pants by Julie Gassman 

Skippyjon Jones : color crazy Sometimes you just need to color! Skippyjon Jones: color crazy by Judith Schachner (on We Give Books)

And sometimes you just have to sing! "Happy Llama, Sad Llama" by Miss Nina

Keep reading lots of books... happy ones, sad ones, funny ones, silly ones.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Toddler Story Time: Bunnies

Today we read stories with bunnies to help us get ready for the Easter Bunny!

The black rabbit The Black Rabbit by Phillipa Leathers

My blue bunny, Bubbit My Blue Bunny Bubbit by Maggie Smith

Duck! Rabbit! Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Scuba bunniesCowboy bunnies Scuba Bunnies & Cowboy Bunnies 
by Christine Loomis

Songs we danced to:
BunnyTown Hop: we followed the directions and started our time with a great dance session!
Little Bunny Foo Foo from Speakaboos and Miss Nina 

We also used the pieces from this DLTK Rabbit Paper Craft page to make a bunny puppet out of a white paper bag. 

I think everyone is ready for some bouncy fun this weekend! And remember, books make a great Easter Basket present!