Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Toddler Story Time - Cowboys

Howdy ya'll! Today's story time was all about cowboys (and cowgirls)! We started our morning by watching a video about real cowboys riding horses on a ranch. We read two books about all the things cowboys do during their day.  The first book was Cowboy Bunnies by Christine Loomis, and the second book was Cowboys Can Do! Amazing Things, too! by Kelly Stuart.  We read about how it is a cowboy's job to wake up early, ride horses, and rope lost cattle. Those things sounded really hard to do!  We also read about the fun they get to have around the campfire like cooking yummy food, singing songs with a guitar, and sleeping under the stars.  Those sounded like the fun part of being a cowboy to me!  We learned 2 new songs today, too.  The first song we learned was from Miss Nina, called "The more we get together," and she even taught us the sign language to go with the words.  Everyone did a great job singing and signing along! The second song told a story of a little boy who loved to pretend to be a cowboy every day!  It is a Disney Sing-along Song, which was a favorite video of my own children, and is called "A cowboy needs a horse" by .  We had fun pretending to ride our horses, and find all the things a cowboy needs to ride the range. We ended our time together by reading The cow that went oink by Bernard Most.  Those animals were so funny!  The cow was oinking and the pig was mooing! But in the end the animals taught each other the correct sounds to make, and they could both Oink and Moo! I am so glad to see so many friends returning each week!  It is so much fun!

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