Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Toddler Story Time- Springtime

Since today was the first day of Spring, we read about this wonderful season of new beginnings. The first book we read was "My first day" by Robin Page and Steve Jenkins. In this book we learned about many different animals on the first day of their lives. Did you know that emperor penguins and a Darwin frogs are watched over by their dad before they are born? Next we sang "Five green and speckled frogs" with Miss Nina.  Then we listened to Eric Carle read his well-loved book "The very hungry caterpillar." Next we read "In the small, small pond" by Denise Fleming about all the animals who live near the water. All our stories were about the animals who come out in the Spring, so our next story-song was called "Over in the meadow" by Barefoot Books. Finally we read about a very silly bear who can't get enough after waking up from his winter hibernation in "Bear wants more" by Karma Wilson. I was glad to see a few friends come out, despite our spring thunderstorm. I hope we see even more little bookworms next time!

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