Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Toddler Story Time: Brothers and Sisters

Happy National Sibling Day!! Today we celebrated the wonderful relationship we have with our brothers and sisters. We started by reading Big Brother, Little Brother by Marci Curtis. Brothers have so many fun adventures together! Have you had a pillow fight or played in mud puddles lately? Next we watched Miss Nina's newest video "Shoo fly" because sometimes we want our brothers and sisters to just go away! Then we read Another Brother by Matthew Cordell where one sheep has brothers who copy everything he does, and then one day they stop! He didn't realize he liked the attention from his brothers until he didn't have it anymore. "Between the Lions" brought us "How to be" different animals which taught us how to be a good person (and brother or sister) in the end. Our last book was Sisters by David McPhail which told about how two sisters were alike and different. One thing all brothers and sister have in common is how much they LOVE EACH OTHER! So, take time to hug a brother or a sister today and enjoy this "Family Songs" playlist together.

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