Monday, April 28, 2014

Spine Poetry Take 2

I love teaching a lesson multiple times! Each group brings a different dynamic, a new perspective, and a unique experience.  After a week of STAAR testing, two more classes of Fourth Graders came to the library ready to create poetry together.
I went over the process of picking out books to make a poem with book spines, showed them several examples, and previewed the tellagami app. Then I let them loose in the library to have fun!

These groups really had fun creating their avatars!

Their final poem videos were fun and creative. Since they had to make a group poem, I hope they all come back to the library and make their own soon!

I love how easy tellagami is to use and learn! It is a great tool for students to know how to use.
On a side note... In creating my blog posts about their poetry creations, I have found 2 great apps that easily and quickly transfer videos and pictures from Apple devices to my computer. 
I have successfully used:
 Simple Transfer Pro by Rambax, LLC (2.99)

icon_transfer Image Transfer by Capable Bits (Free or 2.99)

Keep creating and sharing, everyone!

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