Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toddler Story Time: Dogs

Today's story time has gone to the dogs! While we waited for friends to come, we watched several old segments about dogs on Sesame Street. (I love that Sesame Street has an official channel on YouTube!) We also played with a book called Can you spot the spotted dog? by John Rowe. On each page we had to find the spotted dog and his friends, and some of those pages were pretty tricky, and yet we found them all! Our first story was Bear and Dog: Two friends, three stories by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. And since dog had a friend bear, we sang Miss Nina's song "Me and my teddy bear" while rocking the stuffed animal friends in the library. (We had lots of fun WAKING UP Miss Nina so she could finish her song!) Then we read Dog Tales by Janet McLean that helped us know all the things a dog does during the day. We even acted out a few, like dancing, barking, howling, begging, and stretching. Then all the kids helped me tell the story of A ball for Daisy by Chris Raschka. It is a wordless book about a dog who loves playing with her ball! After singing good-bye many of the kids told me about a dog they loved.  Some had their own dog, some had dogs at another family member's home, and others loved their stuffed dogs!

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