Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Toddler Story Time: Mommies

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! We celebrated our mommies at story time today. We started with the finger play "Five little babies," which also tied in our other theme of animal mommies and counting. Our first book was "Mommy's best kisses" by Margaret Anastas. My little friends were able to identify giraffes, polar bears, and camels as we read about all the places mommies love to kiss and love on their children. Then we sang with Miss Nina about a mommy who was not happy with her children in "Five Little Monkeys" who we're jumping on the bed! Next I shared a wonderful website created by the Pearson Foundation called We Give Books. You sign up for a free account and you can read all sorts of books online for free! And for every book that is read, points are earned that are turned into books being given to deserving organizations. We read the DK book " Mommy loves me" about all the ways our moms love us. Then we read Eric Carles' book "Does a kangaroo have a mother, too?" together. Then we listened to Harry Monster from Sesame Street sing "Furry blue mommy of mine", which makes me want to bop and dance around. We finished by reading "What mommies do best" by Laura Numeroff.

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