Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Toddler Story Time: Dream Life (March 25 post)

Today felt like a dreamy day... We just finished Spring Break and weather outside is just about perfect! Plus everyone is growing up so fast! We are learning about so many things! 
Who knows what we will be when we are really big!

Stories we shared:
When I was a girl-- I dreamedWhen I was a girl... I dreamed (Read to Me website)

One world, one dayOne world, One Day by Barbara Kerley

When I grow upWhen I grow up by Al Yankovic

Product DetailsDreams by Ezra Jack Keats

A dream is a wish your heart makes from Disney's Cinderella

One thing I hope every one of my little friends will do when they grow up is KEEP READING great books! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toddler Story Time: Cats

I am catching up on posts for my toddler story time from February 18th!

My choice of topic for this week's stories came after taking this picture of our family cat, Luna. Luna loves our feet, especially after we just come out of a nice warm shower! She also loves our shoes, and this night she laid down on my daughter's slippers and crawled as far into them as she possibly could! We love our "crazy cat"!

Which led me to think that there are lots of cat lovers out there with funny stories to share, so why not read about some of them!

Books we read:

A cat's day A Cat's Day by Rebecca Rissman

Cat tale Cat Tale by Michael Hall

Chester Chester by Melanie Watt

Cat secrets Cat Secrets by Jef Czakaj

Songs we sung:

Mickey's Mousekersize: "Minnie the Cat": http://youtu.be/EmQYF1kjj44

"Everybody wants to be a cat": http://youtu.be/JI7cIYcnTRU

Until next time, cozy up with a purring cat and enjoy a good book!